October 05, 2017

For anyone out there who lives a healthy lifestyle and works 8+ hours a day, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve wanted a portable standing desk at some point in time. There are a number of health benefits that I realized when I started standing and working. First of all, you are more productive and burn more calories. If you spend a lot of time on the phone or “selling,” it’s a known fact that you sound better when standing and speaking, it changes your overall cadence and tone, making you sound more energetic and engaging.

Spending your day standing can reduce the risk of obesity and other related diseases. Not to mention it improves your mood.

I distinctly remember back in college, working in retail and always being on my feet; I seemed to always have more energy. This changed dramatically when I transitioned into a desk job out of school; my energy levels and general mood slumped. There was a huge problem though, standing desks were and remain expensive, high-ticket items. Maybe you can’t or don’t want to shell out $400+ to affix something to your existing desk (if you’re even allowed to) or cough up the $1,000+ on the higher-end, stand alone units. This is EXACTLY why we created DeskView – for people like us!

With DeskView you have the opportunity to create your own portable standing desk anywhere with a window or nonporous surface (think polished marble).

The structure of offices and of work itself have changed dramatically in recent years. Offices now have more “community” areas where people can bring laptops and work away from their stagnant, wall-facing desk. This increases employee engagement massively. Steve Jobs pioneered the idea of “collision” spaces when he built Apple’s HQ.  He opened up common areas where employees can meet and share ideas, with amazing results. We’re social beings and being chained to one area is draining – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The trend has permeated the corporate world, even in old, stuffy institutions, large private offices are going away to make way for huddle rooms and common spaces.

Flexibility and collaboration in the workplace are key, but every now and again you also need some alone time. Finding a space that is quiet and apart from the hustle and bustle is also helpful and energizing. A desk capable of being both that perfect platform for social spaces and then be moved to create a quiet sanctuary for recharging didn’t exist until now.  With the exponential increase in the portability and capability of our laptops, the world is in need of a health-conscious working surface as mobile as our work.  Since 2015, it has been our mission and a labor of love to create the solution – DeskView.

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