October 05, 2017

The starting out of DeskView was simple — we had a need and the current products (standing desks) on the market couldn’t fit that need. We were constrained by multiple factors; current prices of standing desks, lack of mobility, clunky aesthetics, and complex installs.

Then we had an epiphany! Most urban office buildings are built to showcase the beautiful views. Why not take a space that was never thought of to be functional and put it to good use. DeskView was born out of a simple idea  —  Create a standing desk based on proven technology, applied in a way no one has thought of before, making use of a space previously overlooked.

DeskView was created by two guys who barely knew each other, but were passionate about the same idea and ran with it. We evaluated the market and found that standing desks are not aesthetically appealing, are expensive and certain options overtake your current desk (sit/stand options).

We’ve spent the past two years working and reworking DeskView to make it strong, reliable, portable, easy to install, and aesthetically appealing.  Arriving fully-assembled, DeskView goes from box to fully functional desk in less than 30 seconds (depending how fast you move).

We built DeskView with you — the health-oriented, hard worker — in mind.  Your affordable, window-mounted, adjustable standing desk has arrived, and we couldn’t be happier to be here to offer it to you.

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