October 09, 2017

Everyday, an average worker, spends 5 hours and 41 minutes confined to the desk. All the hours of sitting for extended number of years lead to health problems - such as obesity and diabetes.

There is a need to improve the modern workstations. Millions of people should not spend 10 to 12 hours a day sitting at a desk. It is tough to be health conscious when you're spending a long time in an uneventful way. There is a need for change.

....and the change is to stand and work!

Isn't it hard and impractical to stand and work?

No, it is not.

In fact, standing and working improves productivity, agility, mood, and the health. By standing, you can burn calories faster, improve your metabolism, and feel lighter.

We introduce you to the concept ofportable standing desk.


A portable standing desk is what the name implies. You have a working desk. Rather than sitting, you can mount it anywhere and work by standing. The whole setup is portable.



is a portable standing desk that you can mount on any window with a simple suction pump. The suction pump is strong and the mounted table top will not unhinge unless unhinged.

DeskView began as an idea of  Michael Bolos to find a portable desk. The available ones costed $1000 upwards. Finding nothing within his budget led to the creation of DeskView.

Features of Portable DeskView

Here they are:

  • Built with aerospace quality components.
  • Unparalleled hold strength.
  • Mounts on non-porous surfaces like marble, glass and metal.
  • It is possible to mount the desk on commercial high-rise buildings.
  • Strong suction to hold the desk on the window. Regular tests show that the desk can hold around 70 pounds of weight.
  • Uninstall the desk without leaving any mark on the wall or glass.
  • Carry it anywhere and anytime.
  • Available in three colors - wooden, white, and clear.

Whether it is your office or you are working in a co-working space, the portable standing desk for desktop is perfect.

It costs much less than other standing desks. None of the available products in the markets offers the flexibility as DeskView. It is the best portable standing desk.

DeskView is a Chicago-based startup.

The DeskView portable standing desk brings unimaginable change in your life. It improves posture, productivity and reduces health risks.

With DeskView, you can remain healthy while working. Do not compromise with your life!


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