October 09, 2017

With our increasingly busy schedules, what can be better than using portable devices. Portable devices are both comfortable to work and store.Whether you are at home, office, restaurant or hotel, DeskView lets you work anytime, anywhere.

What is DeskView?

DeskView is a rare combination of style and portability. In simple terms, DeskView is world's first adjustable desk, which can be mounted to a window to create a comfortable workspace, wherever you need it.

Where can you use DeskView Standing Desk?

  • Office:Leave sedentary lifestyle behind
  • Home:Impress your boss with on-time work delivery
  • Co-Working Space:Start your Start-Up is style
  • Lounge: No more slouching in plush couches
  • Outdoors:Fresh air will keep your mind and body energetic.

Is DeskView only good for working people?

Are you looking for some innovative ideas to decorate your home and garden? If that is so, DeskView is your ultimate choice. How about a thought to have a desk in front of the window?

DeskView can become your:

  • Creative side table
  • Eco-friendly plant keeper
  • Beer pong table for the next party
  • Stylish bookshelf

Why choose DeskView?

There's one thing that we keep forgetting to focus on, due to our busy lives and that is our HEALTH.

We all keep committing to ourselves - we will eat well, sleep well and exercise well. Let us ask ourselves do we keep our promise towards good health?  No time is not an excuse. So we need to do something about it.

If you realize, most of the health issues we face these days is because of our sedentary lifestyle. With DeskView we are trying to help improve our lifestyle and health simultaneously.

Benefits of using DeskView:

  • Low obesity risk
  • Low risk of cancer
  • Low type 2 diabetes risk
  • healthier lifespan
  • Improved posture

DeskView and Productivity

Calculating your productivity at the workplace is tough to measure. According to researchers, it has been proved that people who spend their day standing at their desk, are more productive than their seated co-workers.

How tough is it to use DeskView?

5 seconds installation process

  1. Hold and Press
  2. Move the first vacuum lever down
  3. Press the second vacuum lever down.
  4. Ready to work

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