October 09, 2017

Are your beautiful shelves taking up a lot of space?

Shelving units are the essential accessories in making great homes. A beautiful wall shelf is something we all love to display. Different styles, different shapes and different sizes, perfectly designed to match our preferences.

How would you like a window shelf desk that can be easily lifted and moved to any corner of your house?

How about attaching a compact mountable desk to your home or office window?

Keeping in mind comfort and style, we have designed world's most portable standing desk that can fit anywhere, anytime, as per your requirements.

What is DeskView?

We all love to keep our surrounding decorated and comfortable, don't we? DeskView is a well though innovation based on two particulars:

  • Convert any surface into your workspace.
  • Boost your productivity with a stylish desktop

Quick to install and comfortable to work with, DeskView is a challenge to the traditional desk models.

Features of DeskView:

  • Elegance
  • Sleek structure
  • Premium quality
  • Portable design
  • Promotes active lifestyle
  • Strong built
  • Affordable price

What DeskView delivers?

Designed and manufactured to suit any lifestyle, DeskView is proud to provide unmatched service to its customers.

With lifetime warranty over the rubber suction discs, we are committed to making your DeskView experience cherishable.

Is DeskView worth appreciation?

If you are not sure about DeskView, we would recommend you to try it yourself. DeskView provides its lovers unparalleled endurance and qualities like:

  • World's first window-mounted table
  • Standing desk with high-quality finish
  • Adds space to your home and office
  • Gifts you a healthy lifestyle
  • Stylish and comfortable workspace
  • Impresses people around you
  • Lifts you up from plush couches
  • Allows you to work outdoors
  • Unlike those bulky shelf setups,  do not block your windows.
  • Carry comfortably wherever you go.
  • Can hold up to 40 pounds of load
  • Use DeskView on high-rise commercial windows.

How to install DeskView?

Unlike those massive bookshelves, you do not need to call a professional to install DeskView. With a DIY you can set up this beautiful, innovative piece in just 5 seconds. So, how do you do it? Follow these window shelf DIY steps:

  • Hold the desk to the level you want to place it and press on the window.
  • Hold the first vacuum lever and push it down.
  • Then Press the second vacuum lever and move it downwards.
  • You are all set to work.

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