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A Cleaner, Leaner Workspace 

For The 21st Century Worker

The dirty little secret about our desks...

About DeskView

Our desks today are relics that have failed to keep up with how the very nature of work has changed. It's time to revolutionize the way we think about them. 

 Typical desks are bulky, expensive, uncomfortable and unhealthy. So why do we still use them? 

What if there was a lightweight, affordable solution that promotes a cleaner workspace and a healthier body?

DeskView is the world's first window-mounted standing desk that you can use to turn any window into a dream workspace. DeskView is mobile, innovative and is optimizing people’s work and health.

  • The components are light but strong thanks to it's aerospace-grade materials – and because of it's unique design, DeskView won’t damage your window. 
  • The product is entirely portable, so you're no longer trapped in the confines of your office. 
  • The three distinct finishes have been crafted to match any home or office you can think of. 
  • You don't ever have to worry about buying an expensive, clunky desk that takes hours to set up.

DeskView gives you: 

A desk that protects your future 

Sitting at a desk is damaging to your body. It causes aches and pains that will eventually turn into chronic problems. 

A standing desk helps to: 

  • increase concentration
  • improve mood 
  • stretch hip flexors  
  • reduce back strain 
  • increase core strength
  • improve energy

Allowing you to attack every day with the same level of vigor. 

A single solution to a thousand problems 

DeskView completely eliminates everything we thought were necessary evils of desk-based workspaces. 

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A view that inspires 

What's the point of your office's fancy windows if you spend all day looking at a wall? With DeskView, everyone gets the view they need to work with creativity and confidence. It couldn't be easier – DeskView takes just 5 seconds to mount on any window, and requires exactly 0 tools or technical know-how. 

A minimalist workspace 

Simplicity has always been intrinsically linked to productivity and happiness. When we declutter our workspace, it helps us to streamline our thoughts. Typical desks do nothing but overwhelm you with unnecessary bulk. With DeskView, you can strip all that away, so you can be as clean, efficient and productive as your workspace. 

DeskView gives you more space, more time and more focus for a more productive workday. Our designs offer you all the functionality of a typical standing desk at just a fraction of the cost. 

Veneesa P.

Enthusiastically recommend 

Very pleased with this excellent product. It has made work more enjoyable and less of a chore. The desk is very stable and I have left heavy items sitting on it for long periods of time with no concerns about its strength. I have recommended it to several colleagues.

Nicholas H.

Excellent Product...Even Better Service! 

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she loves it. It looks great and is a game changer as far as standing desks go. Thanks to Mike for the great service as well.

Amanda M.

Really beautiful and sturdy 

I'd highly recommend this if you're looking for a standing desk and you have decent window space in your home.