The Easiest Way To Make A DIY Folding Desk

If you have a colleague that has a folding desk at their office, or perhaps you have a friend that has one for their kids, you may want to own one yourself. In most cases, purchasing one is going to be the best option. This is going to enable you to quickly set it up and use it, usually within the hour that you bring it home. However, for those that are inclined to build one, if you have done do it yourself projects before, it's not that hard to accomplish. You will have to get different types of material, and have proper tools, to do this the right way. Here is the easiest way to make a DIY folding desk that you could install at your house, or an even larger one that you may want to have at your office.

What Materials Are You Going To Need?

The materials that you are going to need will include plywood, hinges, a latch, and a couple of legs that are going to be simple dowels. You are going to need wood glue, a drill, a sander, and a saw. Once you have all of this, you can start to construct one on your own. You will want to cut the plywood to the specific size of the desk that you would like to work on daily. You also need to keep in mind how wide it is going to be, especially if you are installing this in a place where many people might be walking. The hinges that you get, as well as the latch, should be designed for the weight of the actual plywood table itself. Once you have made the proper cuts, and drill the holes for the hinges, you will be able to install this into your wall. When you install this, make sure that you are going into the studs behind the wall. You can find these with the stud finder. Prior to putting it up, you will also want to sand and stain that plywood so that it looks professional.

 DIY Folding Desk



What If You Don't Have The Time To Do This?

If you do not have the time to do this on your own, you will certainly want to consider purchasing one. There are many home improvement stores that are going to have several of floating desks. You can simply buy one that is going to have the right size and should be easy to install. All of the directions will be provided either in the package, or they will give you a reference so that you can find it online. Once you have done this, you will be able to find the exact one that you need that you can install at your place of work or in your home for people to use.

Where Can You Find Premade Ones On Sale?

Finding premade ones is very easy to do. You can go to home improvement websites, and they will direct you to different companies that are selling them. You may even be able to search on the web and locate them by maps that are provided, showing you what stores you can visit. In most cases, the largest home improvement stores are going to have them available. They will also have all of the materials that have been discussed that you will need to build one yourself. The research that you do before hand on the different sizes and styles will help you get everything that you need to create the one that you like the best.

DIY folding desks are not that hard to make. Even if you have never done a do-it-yourself project before, you will still find a way to create one. Most of these are going to have instructions that you purchase. They will show you exactly how to mounted on to the wall. You can also find this information online, especially from websites and even on videos that are showing you how to make one yourself. These are going to provide you with a substantial amount of space that you can use to get things done. By the end of the week, you should have one or more of these that you and your family can use.

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