Floating Shelf

Utility Aspect of Floating Shelf

Space in a small house is a big problem, so one always tries ways to make the most of the available space. As with lesser space and more storage the area looks unattractive.

So in order to maintain the classy look and increase the storage, floating wall shelves are the best option. These shelves not only provide an extra storage place but they also help in giving a good decor to the walls. These are extremely stylish and have no visual distraction as they are without a bracket that does not occupy space on the walls.

Floating shelves as the name suggests, create an illusion of floating in the air without any of support. They are used as decor because they are both functional and beautiful.

Floating Shelf


Floating shelves can be used wherever there is a space available in the house like:

  • In study room: There is a great use of floating shelves in the study room, as books and DVDs can be placed on them so that the study table remains clean and is not clattered up.
  • For decor: Floating shelves can be used to display the gifts, awards or those rare items that have been lying in the closed cabinet for years.
  • In the bathrooms or rooms: Floating shelves can be used in the bathrooms to place towel sets and other necessary materials. In the rooms these shelves can display family pictures, frames, show pieces etc.
  • In the kitchen: There are many uses of floating shelves in the kitchen like, they can be placed on the countertop to keep necessary cooking items or for creative arrangement of glassware, favourite cutlery or silverware in the kitchen or dining.

Here are some of the benefits of floating shelves

  • Light and airy: Placing floating shelves in a small space create an illusion of extra space. The area looks more roomy and lighter, creating an airy ambiance.
  • Placed wherever required: Floating shelves can be used anywhere in the house, be it living room for displaying the decor or bathroom for placing towels and linens, or garage for storing tools or kitchen to place cooking oils and cutlery or veranda for keeping small pots.
  • Beautiful and unique: Floating shelves are very impressive and provide a more unique, distinctive and stylish look to the interiors of your walls as compared to other traditional shelves.
  • Cleaner look: Since floating shelves require very little space and most of your stuff can be placed on it, it gives a more cleaner and uncluttered look to the room.
  • Strong and durable: Since floating shelves are screwed to the wall and held by the brackets that keeps it in place, they are highly durable and strong.
  • Less space required: As floating shelves take zero floor place and are placed on the walls, they are an ideal solution to decorate a small nook or a little room.
  • Easy to install: Installing floating shelves is very easy; you just require a leveller to insure a straight line and a power drill so that the shelf is secured well into the wall.

Various ways of fixing these shelves:

The best way to add style statement to the walls of the house is by fixing floating shelves. They help to enhance the appearance of the entire area and hence they should be placed in the right manner to give a clean and organized look.

Fixing of floating shelves in a creative way will add a lovely decor to the entire walls and the room. If the room has large walls then placing a long floating shelf with two other small shelves above it, will give a creative look to the room. Another option is to place these shelves in a step pattern. You can also fix these shelves to a narrow pillar, one below another.

But while placing these shelves the purpose of putting the shelf has to be kept in mind, so that there is enough space in between them to place the required object. Also make sure that there is a perfect visibility of the object placed on these shelves and hence they should be fitted accordingly.

Thus to live well and organized even in a small home, it is advisable to find ways to declutter the limited space by getting these floating shelves installed in your home's, so that more storage and classy look can be created. Also, read out the utility of the space saving desks.

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