Information On Installing Floating Window Shelf

The floating window shelf is a beautiful sight as long as it is installed properly. Many people don't install the shelf according to how it's supposed to go up and this can lead to disconcerting results. Instead of misplacing the window shelf or not getting it into place correctly, it's best to take the time to learn how to go about it the right way. This read is written to pinpoint the steps needed to do this well and make sure the new floating window shelf is a wonderful addition to the room. Go through these steps one by one and you will end up with a world-class set up as soon as possible.

1) Complete the Measurements

You are going to want to start with something as simple as the measurements. Do you know where the floating window shelf is going to be put up? Do you know how high it is going to be? Does it look even when it is up?

Think about the measurements so you are not left with the wrong appearance!

This is the little stuff that is going to make the window shelf pop and is going to make you feel good about its presence. Don't ignore the measurements and assume putting it anywhere is going to do it justice.

2) Hold Shelf and Press Against the Window

You always want to start by holding the shelf where it is going to go. As soon as you do this, you are going to press it on the window and take a look at how it appears. As soon as you do this, the shelf is going to look wonderful and it is going to last.

Make sure to press it firmly while doing this and see if it is properly against the window. If not, you are going to have to take it off and try again. Don't be afraid to try again as it should hold its place when done well.

3) Hold Vacuum Lever While Pushing Down

The next step is an important one and you want to take your time with it. Grab the first vacuum lever and make sure it is being pressed down at the same time. Be patient while doing this and make sure you are coordinating yourself as needed. If you do this right, it is going to start to lock into place. You will start to notice a shift in balance as the weight of the floating shelf presses against the window in front of you.

Make sure it is properly in place and then move onto the next step.

4) Press Second Lever While Pushing Down

The second lever is going to be near the bottom and you will be able to press it as soon as you complete the previous step. The goal is to make sure it is pressed properly and you are able to push down at the same time. As soon as you do this, the window shelf is going to lock into place and press against the window. Make sure to take a look at it before letting go so it doesn't fall on you!

Floating Window Shelf


This is important because sometimes the level isn't pressed properly and it doesn't lock.

5) Test Window Shelf

The final step is to test the window shelf before using it. You don't want to put down your expensive laptop and see it come crashing down. While this is a foolproof floating window shelf and is not going to fall apart, you still want to make sure it works well. This can be done by taking a book or something heavy and placing it on top of the shelf. Does it hold its shape? Does it start sliding as soon as the weight is put on it? If it slides, you want to test the levers and make sure they are tightly in place. If not, the shelf will continue to slide and you're going to be apprehensive while using it. Be smart and alert as you focus on this aspect of the window shelf. It is these details that are going to make the installation process a real breeze. Continue to take a look at how the window shelf is responding as you test it. If it passes the test, you are good to go.

These are the steps needed to complete the installation process and you're going to end up with a wonderful new floating window shelf. A lot of people assume it is going to require a professional to do well or it is going to need time but this doesn't take long at all! You will be able to move on with your life in a matter of seconds because of how easy it is to get into place.

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