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Reduce Your Sitting with the Help of Standing Desks

Usually, people debate on an issue that "Standing Desks can cut down on sitting if you use them in your daily life".  An article published on 30th March 2016 stated flashy headline saying that desks that are used for standing are "basically useless".

But such statements are meaningless and are just made to encourage you to read the article and after really reading it you realize that the study is not even about it.

This study is confusing and makes us think that isn't sitting for long period of time dangerous?

After a lot of studies and cited facts, the answer to this question is "No". At the beginning of the study, the second sentence states, that "sitting for a longer period of time increases the risk of heart diseases, overall mortality and obesity".


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So now the question arises "What is the study actually trying to say"?

Here NPR explains it along with the professor Lucas Carr, who works at the University of Lowa and is a professor of behavioural medicine. He is of a viewpoint that there has not been much study done on the usage of desks either ways.

And he has also pointed out that, reviews of a few people do not make you accept that standing desk and variations of it are useless. According to Carr "The state of the science is definitely early," and there is a need to make more study on a large number of people to find out the actual cause of people to work with these desks while standing.

In order to make more studies and stronger feeding, it is essential to have larger sample size which is well designed and which brings out the result that by using a standing desk, people tend to stand more often while working. The article also quotes that "there is very little evidence that proves sit-stand desk can reduce the time taken for sitting at the workplace".

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done to assess the effectiveness of various interventions that decreases the setting time in the workplace.

Although it is up to you how you make the use of the standing desk. Just as you take a gym membership or a workout program and not use it, similarly buying a standing desk and not making use of it will give you no benefits.

Some of the reputed professionals have tried to help you with your standing goals by designing software that will remind you to stand while working.

But finally, the decision is going to be yours.

Now the question arises, "Does this cancels out all of the studies about the dangers of sitting?"

There have been a lot of long-term studies conducted with evidence which prove that sitting for long period of time can be dangerous. But there still needs to be more data which can prove the ill effects of sitting for long or if the sit-stand desk can reduce the sitting time at work.

This comes to the conclusion that people after using standing desk will support and share their experience to find out about the benefits of standing desks to our health. Just because it takes longer studies, it does not mean to give up using standing desks and sit and work for long hours.


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People usually are of an opinion that since the professionals associated with are selling such folding desks and traveling desk convertor they are being biased and hence saying all this, but the reality is that they are just not saying it but they also believe in it.

The American cancer society, Mayo Clinic, Smithsonian, Harvard Medical School and Huffington Post all have written again and again about the dangers that people face while sitting all the time.

They have also written that standing desk is an easy way to degrees the amount of time sitting and working each day and is a step forward towards reversing this time.

The end of the article in Huffington Post favours standing desks and how much it has helped people, where as some people think that working on standing desk gives inaccurate click-baits, indigenous writing, bad journalism, but it's the same as people saying that equipments used for exercise are useless because people don't use them enough.

Whereas the reality is, only after using standing desks you can know about its benefits.

Conclusion: This is definitely an important topic and the world needs to undergo more researchers on the topic, which might be time-consuming. But if you have a Folding Desk, don't get scared of using it because it will help you to sit less and save you from the dangers of sitting for long hours.

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