Space Saving Desk

Utility Aspect of Space Saving Desk

With the limited space available in our homes these days we have to organise the kids study or office within the limited space to make the best use of it. While organising kids study or your office, one of the things that can help save the space is the desk chosen for holding stationary, computer or other things required to work. With the development of modern technology the markets are flooded with a variety of space saving desks available everywhere. Usually things that are required on the desk are paper files, computer, CD's, stationery items, pen holder etc.

The various types of desks that can be used according to your space and requirements are:

  • A corner desk: A corner desk is ideal for homes which has a corner to place this table. In this way the corner of the room will give more desk space, and the floor space can also be utilised. The corner desk can have cabinets and draws for storage and the top of the table can accommodate keyboard and monitor of the computer.
  • A computer desk There are a lot of designs available in the market for you to choose but it depends on the amount in space that is available in the room. If you're looking for a computer desk which has a lot of storage space then there is a lot of desk available with cabinets and drawers below the table top and also cabinets about the table top. This will also give you the place to store kid’s books and stationary and the table top will be big enough to place the monitor.
  • A portable desk: Today's market has many compact designs which occupy very little space. There are portable desks which are designed like a pole with shelves on different levels. These shelves can hold different things like, the monitor can be placed in one, the other can have a computer box, the printer in another and paper files or other stuff in different shelves. Each shelf can be adjusted according to the required position and height, which provides options for saving space.
  • A compact workstation: Another available option is that the work surface can be folded and converted into door or a cover to be used as a storage space. This space can be used for storing your computer and many other items that are required on the desk.
  • A wall mounted workstation: According to this option shelves can be put on the walls which give enough space to organise things without using any space on the floor and shelves can also be planned according to your required needs. There are also many designs of wall mounted computer stations available in the market which provides space for only computer, monitor and keyboard.
One example is the pole design, where as there is another design in which the monitor is mounted on the wall and has a hidden tray to hold keyboard and mouse, which can be folded when not in use. The above-mentioned desk solutions are available at various retailers and furniture stores with different colours and designs. But it's for you to decide the best option that fits your available space and requirement.

What is DeskView?

Today's world is digital and most of the professionals like to work in the comfort of their homes and hence to stay focused on their work they require a proper workspace. If you are constantly working on your laptop or working hard to complete your new project, it is important to keep the health in mind and have a perfect eye level view to work better.

 Space Saving Desk

The multi-purpose solution for your excellent and flexible health needs is DeskView. It provides you with the comfortable workplace in all conditions.

Reasons to love DeskView floating desk:

  • Keeps necessary everyday items within reach.
  • Saves space for other use in the room.
  • Workspace surface can be customised.
  • Can be used anywhere in the house or even balcony.
  • It has a light, sleek and attractive design.
Other than providing a healthy lifestyle DeskView has many more benefits:
  • Affordable price
  • High quality
  • Easy floating desk
  • Wider view
  • Easy setup
  • Increased mobility
  • Cutting-edge design

Why should you choose DeskView?

  • No cable or wire required to manage the desk.
  • DeskView installation is very quick and just takes a few seconds.
  • It allows your floating desk to mount any height you want.
  • The aerospace-quality component of DeskView holds the floating desk in its place.
  • It can easily fit into your lifestyle and is suitable for people who are health conscious.
  • It has a minimalist and portable design.
  • Test has proven that it can be easily placed on commercial high rise windows.
  • DeskView has a lifetime warranty on its rubber suction discs, to give complete satisfaction.

DeskView Space Saving Desk installation

The quick installation of DeskView needs no countersunk holes, no drilling, no extra support, no screws and no frames, as it floats on its own. The procedure is very easy; just unbox the product and hold the desk to the level you want, push the first vacuum lever down then push the second vacuum lever down and you are ready to start. Also, know about the small light desk in our next article.