Space-Saving Floating Desk

How To Make A Space-Saving Floating Desk At Home?

A floating desk is something that is becoming very popular. They are also called space saving desks. If you have seen the ones that are attached to walls, these are very similar, except they typically attached to some type of glass. If you have a large window in your house or some other type of smooth flat surface, you can affix these very quickly. The use some type of a suction cup to hold everything in place. Once you have used them a couple times, it will be easy to place them wherever you want to and move them subsequently if you decide to change their location.

How Much Space Can They Save?

The size of these desks is only large enough to hold a small amount of material. Some people place papers on them. Others are going to use them as a laptop stand (You must read tips for hanging a laptop stand). They are only large enough for one person to use. If you haven't seen these before, you might think that they are not very useful because of their size. It is only until you have one, and begin to use it, that you will realize a wonderful they are. The prices that you pay are going to be very minimal. If you can get this from a larger company that is selling them, it's going to allow you to perhaps get two or three of them that you can use.

What Is The Proper Size To Get?

The size that you want to get will depend on what you want to use it for. They come in a couple different lengths and widths. In most cases, it is going to tell you what the proper usage of them will be. For those that are not doing work, you may as well place a couple planters on them if these are going to be on a window. They are multifaceted. They allow you to do a lot of work, and if they are on a large window, you can look outside while you are getting things done. However, you may simply want to bring it with you, if it is small enough, for when you are traveling so that you will have a place to place your laptop.

 Space-Saving Floating Desk

How To Have These Delivered?

Getting these delivered is very easy to accomplish. Most of them are going to have a shopping cart and they will tell you how long it will take. Some of them will offer free shipping, whereas others may charge a few dollars. If you want to have them delivered in the next few days, you can choose the priority mail option. There are always ways to get them delivered quickly, and if you can get one in your city, you could probably order and pick them up on the same day.

Are These Beneficial For Business Trips?

These are extremely beneficial when you are traveling on a business trip. For example, if you are going to be going to different meetings, you can bring this just like a clipboard. You can get the smallest ones possible, placing them in your laptop bag, so that you can use them when you arrive. You might have to wait for several minutes, or even longer, and this will give you time to go over everything. Although some people are happy using a laptop while sitting, this will give you plenty of room to use your portable mouse to quickly go over your notes before meeting with potential clients.

Is This Something That You Could Actually Make On Your Own?

It is possible to make these by yourself. All you have to do is find a source for plexiglass, plywood, and suction cups. They will also require nuts and bolts, plus a drill. You can do all of this within a couple hours if you have never done it before. It's good to get schematics off of the web that will show you exactly what needs to be done. There are probably videos that can also provide you with the same information. It just depends on whether you want to make one or purchase one that is professionally constructed. Most people opt for purchasing one that is the exact size that they need so that they only have to worry about using them.

You can create a space-saving floating desk in your spare time if you want to. There are schematics and videos on how to get this done that you can watch within minutes. It's not very hard to do. As long as you can get access to precut plexiglass, a drill, nuts, bolts, and these suction cups, you should be able to create one very quickly. If you haven't been able to locate these materials, you can always find a website where you can sell these. It's only going to take a few minutes to find the most reputable businesses that also sell space-saving floating desks.