Travel Laptop Stand

Travel Laptop Stand: Adding to Your Comfort

Using a laptop is a necessity for the present generation. They are usually seen carrying their laptops while travelling or wherever they are going. Hence, it becomes important for them to look for a portable laptop stand, which is light weight, compact and easy to carry, to give an enjoyable and comfortable computing experience wherever they go.

A Travel Laptop Stand is a best friend of people who are travellers, road warriors or people working on a coffee- shop tables. With the help of such smart computer stand a user can improve the health and posture, and thus have a more comfortable experience while working on a computer.

At the airport terminal using a portable desk can help to compute more comfortably when mobile desk is created with it. You can easily slip a portable lap desk over your lap to avoid hunching. These stands also help in elevating laptops from your laps so that they get enough space to breathe and cool easily.

It becomes easy to move around and stretch your legs and when the laptop is not resting on your lap and this avoid the fear of laptop falling on the ground. In case you do not find a place to sit and are forced to stand in a crammed terminal, then this portable laptop table offered by is very handy and can be easily used as a table to get your device on or eat or you can prop up your the laptop to work on.


Travel Laptop Stand


Deskview Gives Health Benefits Also

An average individual spends at least 5 hours 41 minutes every day in front of his laptop. These hours when extended over a period of time leads to many health problems like diabetes and obesity.

The modern ways of working needs to change and improve. Since it is very unhealthy to sit in front of the desk for 10 to 12 hours in a day, so we change our ways by standing and working, and use our time in a more meaningful way to get health benefits also.

A portable laptop stand or folding desk by are very essential for people who prefer working at a desk in comfort.

The stand is lightweight and can be easily fitted in your laptop bag or in a suitcase, makes a lot of difference when it comes to work in comfort at the computing desk. These smart and portable stands are made in such a way that they elevate the screens to prevent us from slouching and hunching, and protect us from shoulder pain, neck and back pain.

A travel laptop stand adjust itself in angle, minimises eye squinting and helps to decrease the screen glare. If the angle of the computer is adjusted well, it helps to improve the posture and you can work more efficiently.

Placing computers or laptops on a hard surface as a travel Laptop Stand will allow the natural heat dissipation to cool the laptop and function well. As it has been seen that the performance and lifespan of a laptop or computer increases if it runs at a lower temperature and the heat is allowed to dissipate well.

These portable laptop tables are not only useful for the travellers but they can also be used while you are computing in the house. Since they are lightweight they can be easily moved to kitchen, bedroom, and living room or even to the garden.

The portable laptop stand helps to improve your health, posture as well as bring comfort to your body while computing for long hours. The best choice for using your computer in various places is to opt for an adjustable portable ergonomic stand which can be adjusted to work efficiently on both hard and soft surfaces as bed or desks or even couch.

Deskview is a kind of portable standing desk which can be mounted on the window with the help of a suction pump which is strong enough to hold the mounted table top. 

Michael Bolos got the idea of making Deskview, as the other options available to him were not within the reach of his budget and were as expensive as $1000 upwards. So he created the Deskview which is portable and inexpensive.


portable Deskview


Here are the features of portable Deskview:

  • Unparalleled holds strength
  • It is made up of aerospace quality components.
  • It can be easily mounted on non-porous surfaces like metal, glass or marble.
  • The desk can also be mounted on the high raised commercial buildings.
  • The desk is capable of holding up to 70 pounds of weight and its strong suction makes it possible to hold it onto the window.
  • The desk can be uninstalled without leaving any mark on the surface on which it has been placed.
  • It is found in three different colours- clear, white and wooden.
  • It can be easily taken from one place to another any time.

A portable standing table is a perfect choice for your own home, office or any other place of work.

None of the other products available in the market are as affordable and have such flexible features as DeskView. The portable standing desk is the best option which provides you with good environment to work without affecting your health and gives better concentration while computing.

So what are you waiting for?
Just go for it!