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DeskView Motis®

Motis is the world's FIRST portable window mounting standing desk!

Motis is compact, portable, & installs to almost any window or glass wall in just seconds.

By utilizing industrial grade suction technology it’s strong enough to handle anything life throws its way.

With Motis, the WORLD is your office.

Derived from the Latin word for ‘motion’, the Motis is the world’s first 
truly go-anywhere, work-anywhere standing desk.

The patented technology brings all of the strength and versatility of the original DeskView into your briefcase, purse, or backpack; so you can Work Your Way, whenever, wherever.

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Installation is easy

DeskView sets up in seconds


Mounts to any smooth, glass surface

From your office to your home, DeskView is an adjustable standing desk that extends your work or display space in a sleek, minimalist package.

DeskView will mount

Tempered Glass Window (FAQ)

Glass Wall

Tempered Glass Whiteboard

DeskView will not mount

Mullion Windows

Painted Wall/Wallpaper


Wood/Natural Timber


Mosaic Tile

Introducing Motis

The world's FIRST portable window-mounted standing desk

Always have the best view in the office, even if your office is at home or on-the-go.

Need to move your work to a different room in the house? Easy, it takes 30 seconds.

Working on the go? You no longer need to force your way onto a crowded table, spread out your paperwork all over the floor, or sit slouching for hours in airport chairs during layovers.

By folding down into thirds & weighing only 4.5 LBS you will barely notice carrying Motis in your bag! Let's see you do that with an Ikea desk!

Motis is the easy and healthy way to get your work done on-the-go!

Motis is designed to install & remove in seconds so you have your own personal desk no matter where you are!

Motis sports an industrial grade suction cup that can hold up to 40 LBS & utilizes a vacuum tight seal that will never come loose unless you release the locking mechanism.


The laptop stand designed to work hand in hand with Motis

Motis is designed to pair perfecting with our Two Tier stand. By mounting your laptop or tablet on Two-Tier you will clear up desk-space & have a truly ergonomic work experience.

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The future

Innovative new products

We’ve listened to your feedback and have designed a series of amazing, new products.

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