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Experience more with a 
window-mounted standing deskfloating shelfdisplayside-tablebookshelf

Escape from your traditional furniture with a beautifully designed surface that mounts easily to any glass wall or window.

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“Ingenious solution to the challenges
involved with a typical standing desk”

DeskView Selected
Best Smart Product for your home

“Someone finally invented a decent

standing desk, finally!”

Our founders Mike and Jason talk about
DeskView on the How I Built This podcast


Perfect for work or play

From your office to your home, DeskView is an adjustable standing desk that extends your work or display space in a sleek, minimalist package.

DeskView was created to be the best standing desk, but grew to be so much more. Pull up a chair and work with a view, or add stylish shelving to your windows as a perfect, minimalist compliment to almost any interior space.


Employ all of the places at work that previously went unused, including windows, glass walls and dividers, and even glass whiteboards.


Extend  your home’s functional space by using DeskView as a perfect at-home window desk, a shelf, or even as a side table that blends seamlessly into your decor.


Explore new workspaces. DeskView’s lightweight design makes it a perfectly portable standing desk well-suited for temporary or semi-permanent installation.

Versatility Limited Only
by Your Creativity

Make any window a desk

Add a standing desk to your office, or make it a seated desk with a view

Move whenever, wherever

DeskView can be installed and uninstalled as often as you need

Trust its strength

Hold much more than a laptop, up to 40 lbs.

Designed to please

Charm your guests with a stylish, gravity-defying aesthetic that allows more space to entertain

Useful and elegant

Appreciate the perfectly-sized, modern, minimalist workspace

Work from anywhere

Take advantage of glass walls and glass-backed whiteboards

Stand at home

Enjoy a superb, adjustable standing desk at home

Accent your space

Add a side table without losing floor space


High-quality construction

    Health Benefits

    Advantages of standing desks

      About Us

      A standup team

      In 2015, lifelong inventor Mike began experiencing back pains at the office from his seated desk setup. With cabinets above his desk and a fixed furniture layout, the only option was to utilize the windows. There was nothing on the market that fit Mike’s needs, so he did what he always does – he built it – and so DeskView was born.

      With the expertise of Jason, a seasoned commercial real-estate broker with a passion for helping people and a knack for finding creative solutions, the two health-nuts went through a year and a half of re-developing and testing before introducing DeskView to the world.

      Through the wonderful support of our fans, we raised over 250% of our funding goal with our debut on Kickstarter, garnered amazing press, and awareness of DeskView continues to grow every day.